Thursday, December 18, 2008

My first altered canvas and acrlyic block

These are my first attempts at altering acrlyic blocks and canvas', and I must say I am very very pleased with how they turned out. The acrlyic block was super easy, and I plan on making more. To adhear the photo to the back of the block I used thermo-web and made the whole thing a giant sticker. I used black staz -on for the flourishes and rub-ons for the numbers.

First I wanted to say thank you to Diane Davies. She sent me this stamped image that she had found at hobby lobby(i think). I have been wanting to make a canvas but could never find the "right" image for it. This is now hanging in my scrap room and is one of my favorite things that I have made. I started by painting the whole canvas chocolate brown. I then added the papers using modge podge.

I used stampin up chalks and blender pens to color in the image. I used the same chocolate paint by making memories to add to the edge of the image. The flourishes were cut using the making memories slice and the basics 3 card.

I wanted to add some more color so I used glue dots. I put them down randomly on the brown and then I dusted them with more chalk, and added light green bling to the top.

To finish it off I layered some flowers and added to the corner. I am really please with how these turned out

Till next time.....Happy scrapping

Friday, December 12, 2008

Slice ornament and gift bag

I was surfing you tube for videos using the slice and I found these 2 ideas. The star is from the Basics one card(this card comes with the machine) I cut it out of 8 different papers at 4 inches tall. Then I folded them and glued them together. I also Cut the window for the bag using the scalloped square at 2 1/2 inches, and added acetate behind it. They are super easy to make and look super cute in the gift bag.
Like the ornament? Leave me a comment and tomorrow I will put the names into and pick a winner. The winner will get the 8 stars, instructions, and some ribbon. (colors will vary from the picture by what papers I have on hand

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Newest creations and my design team LO

I have been very busy this month. I have made 12 ornaments(3 of the ones shown and 9 others that I will post a pic of later) and a few LOs. I also made my christmas cards, I saw how to make them on a blog that I follow by dawn griffith. I have done more LOs but I have to take pictures of them again. All of the pictures are posted in my ning page found here
If you are not apart of our lets scrap ning group apply and join. We have lots of things going on there, weekly challenges, weekly tutorials and lots of little games. I will be hosting another round of simon says if you havent already join and tell them that Kathy sent is the link again Lets Scrap on ning
Hope to see you there
(by the way...when I took the picture of the batter up LO it was the right way...for some reason blogger keeps flipping it when I upload it and I am way to lazy to figure it

The Greatest show on earth

Ringling Brothers Barnum and Baily Circus...THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH....and let me tell you it sure is. This is the second time that alex has been to the circus with his Papa. It was something that my dad did with my sister and I every year when we were younger and I am glad that I can do it with my kids.
When we got there we were able to take alex down to the arena and he could meet clowns, and we saw an elephant paint a picture, and some of the motor cycles that they used in the show. He was amazed and the show hasn't even started yet.
We go back up to get to our seats and of course no circus would be compleate without a light up toy. Alex picked one with motor cycles. I watched my sons eyes light up with pure joy as the show began. He loved it all...everything was so cool. We saw lots of things that were amazing. A man walked upside down in mid-air with no safty(think of when they walk the tight rope...except this was upside down and kinda like monkey bars for your feet) We saw a motorcycle ride the tight rope and spin a compleate 360 degree circle. We also saw 7 motor cycles ride in a giant metal ball.
We had so much fun. Poor alex was tired though and he couldnt make it through the whole show and he missed the last 10 min, but he didn't care, he has been talking about it since sunday morning.
I will do post in a little while with some of my scrappy realated things(since this is called kathys scrap chat)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Join our new group

OK, I have been getting alot of questions about Lets Scrap on Cafemom, if you were apart of the group please join us on our new site. Lets Scrap When you apply say who you are and your cafemom screen name and that kathy sent you. Hope to see you all there

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Its Christmas time again

Well its that time of year again, Christmas is right around the corner. In this house that means that mommy disapears down to her "cave" to work on christmas gifts and decorations. Yesterday I made 2 things. The snow globes are going to be gifts(I still need like 8 more to make :) ) and the tree will be a decoration.
The snow globe was found on splitcoast stampers. I didnt have colored sharpies so I used paint. For the snowflakes behind the snowman(they are hard to see but they are there) I also used paint. I made a pad out of paper towells and pressed mt stamp to it and there you go. I had tried pigment ink but it took forever to dry.
Next I made the Tree. Let me tell you that was a labor of love. I wanted to make 3 of them but we will have to see. The original directions said to use a dowell rod(for the trunk) and a clay pot for the base. I didnt have those so I used a pencil that i covered in ribbon and a fruit can. I am very happy with how it turned out :)
Till next time......Happy Scrappin'

Friday, November 7, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

WOW, I havn't written in a while. I have been super with the kids that I watch during the day.
I did how ever get a few things done this week. My Mom and Dad bought me the Slice by Making Memories so that has help get my MOJO back.(I was in a slump for a bit) Let me tell you that thing is great!!!! I have gotten a few things done this week.

Here is the LO that I did for when we went apple picking. I am really happy with this one. The apples are cut using the slice

For some reason this one keeps on flipping when I try and post and I am just too tired to figure it out(renee did you jinx me???) This is for my moms album

Here is Belle. The flowers and the tag were also cut using the slice. This is also for my moms book

I have also just finished making alexs birthday invites(all 32 of them) He wants a Pirate party and this is what I was able to come up with. I am really happy with these too(and alexs loves them) The stars were also cut using the slice

Last but not least here are the kids all dressed up and ready to go trick-or-treating. Alex had so much fun with his sisters. This is the first time they have all been together on Halloween(they are usually at their moms house for halloween) The kids had a blast and at the end of the night I gave them silly string to play with . They all had a blast.

Thats it for now I am off to bed.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A little sneak peak

I wanted to give you all a little sneak peak at what I have been up to. Here is my LO for the design team I belong to...LETS SCRAP(HERE is there link) I can't show you everything, but check back at the end of this month and it will be up on their blog. Be sure to check it out, they always have fun stuff going on over there!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Great Pumpkin tutorial

I got this idea from dawn griffith but I have changed it a little bit. I will give you the measurements to make 3 different sizes. The picures in the tutorial are for the large one.
Things you will need:
paper trimmer, 12x12 double sided patterened paper, green CS scraps, a complimentary piece of double sided paper for vines(will explain later), length of ribbon at least 1/4 of an inch thick to match(i used brown) Pencil, small hole punch(1/8 is what I used, small side on a crop-o-dile)
I am going to give you the measurements for the 3 sizes. Just apply which ever size you choose to the pictures the directions are the same.
sm: cut PP to 51/2 x10 and cut into 10~1"strips
med: cut PP to 6 1/2 x 11 and cut into 11~1" strips
Large: cut PP to 7 1/2 x 12 and cut into 12~1" strips
After you have cut your pp to size stack them and punch a hole at each end(if your using a crop-o-dile you can do it all at once if using a different hole punch only do a few at a time)
after you have punched both sides it should look like this

Next take your ribbon and tie a knot in one end. You are then going to thread it through one end of your strips so the the Pattern of your choice is on the outside. Then thread it through the other hole so that it looks like this
You are then going to "fan" out your strips so that they will look like a pumpkin
Next your going to take your green scraps and fold them in half. Your going to cut out a leaf shape(remember when you floded a paper in half to cut out a heart...same thing just make a leaf) you need 2 of these one just a bit smaller than the first
you are then going to cut 2-3 tiny 12 in or so strips from the other peice of PP and wrap them around a pencil to make them curly
To finish you are going to glue the vines and the leaves to the top of the pumpkin to look like thishere are my 3 pumpkins...they look so pretty on my fireplace mantle

Friday, October 3, 2008

Some things that I have made

Even though I have not been around much I have had the chance to make a few things here and there.

I have made a coffin box(thanks Renee for the link found here) I am going to make them for alex to hand out to his classmates at their Halloween party.
I have also made a cute little desk frame( thanks again to the amazing Dawn Griffith here is her tutorial ) I am really please with how it came is one side of it....

Apple Picking

I can't believe that it has been so long since my last post. Things have been crazy. I babysit now for a 4 1/2 year old and her 2 1/2 year old twin brother and sister. It really takes alot out of you.

We took the kids apple picking last weekend and let me tell you that the best part(other than eating the apples) was leaving. The bugs were terriable. We all left with lots of little reminders that we were there.

When we got home we called the family over and we made caramel apples. YUMMY they are so good. Here we are enjoying some apples:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My new way to store ribbon

I was blog surfing one day and I saw this awesome idea to store the ribbon that you get by the yard(please forgive me I can not remember the blog I lifted this from or I would put the original link in) The lady that came up with this is a genius. All you do is wrap the ribbon around an "old fashioned" clothes pin and secure it with a a peralized pin. The lady that originally did this had all of her ribbon divided into clear glass jars, and it looked so pretty. I hope to do that eventually but for now all of them are in a clear storage tub. Let me tell you, I just love this idea. It really helped me to condense all of my ribbon into one place. I didn't realize how much ribbon I had untill I did this, I had enough ribbon to cover about 95 cloths pins

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Frankie's Alive

Frankenstein is alive again with this cute card. I found the idea on youtube from a lady Dawn Griffith(find her HERE) I just thought that this was so step daughters 13th birthday is at the end of october and this will make great invites!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Some other things that I have made

I love to alter things, I have made many many projects but here are a few of my favorites. The picture frame hold my very first mothers day present from my son that he made me at preschool.
I love to make the clocks. The one pictured is actually the second one that I have made for my house, and is in my scrap space. I have made a total of 6 clock in different themes.

The stuff I made for the September Design team

I belong to a design team that my very talented friend renee(here is the link to the Design team page) started. Every month she gives us a sketch and we have to put our spin on it. I am very excited to be apart of this. This month she gave us 2 sketches and we had to make an altered item. I made a paper bag calendar. I was super excited to make this because I got to use my new sewing maching for the stiching around the edges. I am really pleased with how everyting turned out

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hello, Hello

Hi everyone, since everyone I know has a blog I thought that I would give it a go. Bear with me as I figure all of this out, I hope to have some of my scrapbook pages posted soon!! Till then please visit the design team that I am apart can see some of my work over there

Lets Scrap design team