Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When good kids go bad.....

Soooooo....this is what I walked into Friday afternoon when I went to go and wake up the kids(they were supposed to be sleeping) from their nap. All my make up, everything thing that I own was smeared onto by bed. A whole tube of toothpaste was smeared onto my bed(its now minty fresh and has no cavity'

All my Blush and eye shadows were smashed into my blankets and my carpet...waterproof and regular mascara were "painted" onto my night stand

The bathroom was hit too. The little girl took EVERYTHING out of the cabinet and threw it everywhere. She opened a whole bag of cough drops and threw the wrappers on the floor and put all the drops on my bed.

Friday was definitely an interesting day

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happenings in my world

Well it has been a busy month here at our house. First off we will be moving into our new house on Sunday March 15Th. I am so excited. SO I will be busy packing all week so I thought that I would post some of what I have been making.
I have made tons of stuff but due to certain obligations I can not post them till later so please be sure to check back often to see what secrets I have up my sleeve :)
I have had the chance to make 2 layouts so far this month.

This is one of the kids first time sledding in 2008. Alex had never been on a big hill before and he had so much fun learning the ropes from his big sisters.

Sneak peek: OK I cant show you the whole LO because its for the design team(check back at the end of the month) But i wanted to show you that I made my own rub-ons. The title was made using my computer and a transparency. I will post the tutorial next week when our ning group has the crop(so check back for that)

Congratulations Kristina and Dave!! They got married last Saturday and this is the picture frame that I made them. I really love how it turned out!!