Saturday, April 7, 2012

Diy...clorox wipes

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I have been trying to cut my spending, and one way I am doing that is by making my own cleaning supplies. Not only are they CHEAP but they are better than breathing in all that nasty stuff and better for the environment. They also DO NOT require you to have to re-wash the surface when you are done using them. Have you ever read the bottle of clorox wipes? It tells you to re-wipe the surface after you have cleaned it with the wipe. That is an extra step I am not interested in doing.

So the search began for something that would disinfect, that was cheap and where the materials were easy to find.

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All you need is a baby wipe tub, a t-shirt cut up into squares about the size of a baby wipe, HOT water, white vinegar and castille soap, it also suggests tea tree oil, I was able to find the castille soap that had tea tree oil in it It killed 2 birds with one stone. I found my soap at Whole Foods, its a HUGE bottle and is $15.99.

Mix together and that's it! I "spring cleaned" my WHOLE kitchen using these and Miracle cleaner ( HOT vinegar and Blue Dawn dish soap) No other chemicals and I DID NOT USE ONE SINGLE PAPER TOWEL!

Try it...

My new favorite colors....

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I am pretty sure that I need an intervention. I am in love with the color combo yellow and grey. I mean I LOVE IT! I even switched the colors on my desk (pencil holders, files, ribbon accents) to yellow and grey. My newest addition is my new nook cover (you can find the tutorial that I used HERE, and a new coffee cozi...tutorial that I based my finished product on HERE.

They are both super simple to make...I guess that is why I have made so many. Now everything matches my Dark Denim Cindy tote with my Awesome blossom scarf from ThirtyOne.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter!