Monday, November 14, 2011

Felted wool cup cozy

One morning I was sitting at my desk looking HERE(scroll down to the post on NOV 2nd to see the photo, I am having trouble getting the link to work properly) to see what the very talented Vicki Chrisman made. She made this cute little coffee mug cozy and little packag to put cider or hot cocoa packets in, and I wanted to make one. Now I don't have anything that she used (fancy pants products) and I am way too impatient to order them and wait ;). So I emailed and Vicki suggested using felted wool from the fabric store. I looked into that but at $19 a yard, it was not in my budget. So I went home a bit disappointed and turned to the internet. I found that you can make your own felted wool and that is exactly what I did!! I got my instructions to felt from HERE (i used a sweater from goodwill that was 80% lambs wool and cost $5, the more wool in the item the better it will turn out) Then I got my template from HERE.
Then it was just a matter of putting everything together.

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I love how it turned out!! I got my coffee mug from crate and barrel outlet. Its a ceramic mug with a rubber lid and was only $6.97. I love my new mug, and so do a lot of the moms on the playground at school :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trying out this movile app thing...

Not sure how this is going to work...but here it goes. I have just started getting back into the crafting world, and I would like to start blogging again. So hopefully I will be able to do simple posts, with pictures from my phone

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