Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fabric Notebook Cover

Happy Sunday! I wanted to share this super cute notebook cover that I made.

 I am going to National Conference with Thirty-One in about 3 weeks. I will be taking classes on how to make my business stronger and I needed something to take notes on. So I did what anyone would do and I turned to Pinterest. I started searching and I found 4 ideas/tutorials that I liked. So I started messing around and I found a way to combine everything that I loved about each of them, and what I ended up with was the super cute notebook that you see above.

All you need is an ugly composition  notebook(mine measured 9 3/4 X 7 1/2)
Fabric of your choice
A sewing maching
a hair tie
a fabric button or button of your choice

All of the directions are in the tutorials/ pictures that I used. I am going to link back to the original blogs, I will give you a description of what part that I used.

V and Company : I used this as the main tutorial, but where she has the muslin rectangles I used more of my main fabric like in the next link
Momma go round: Just to be clear. I liked that the main fabric wrapped around to the inside of the notebook, In the above tutorial I liked that there were seams that made the pocket have an easy fold. That is why I did it this way.
Babes and Sages: I liked the ruffle that she added down the side of the notebook
Now I have never made a ruffle before so I used the next tutorial as a guideline to making a ruffle
Made by Lex: Near the middle of the Tutorial are the instructions to making a ruffel

Now the whole project took me maybe an hour or so. I can guarantee that for a advanced sewer this should only take maybe 20-30 min. But because I measure about 3 times and cut once, and sew slow it took me a bit longer. If you make one post your link in the comments I would love to see it!!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

My favorite baby shower card!

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Hi everyone, I hope that you are staying out of the heat. Here in Chicagoland we have had heat indexes of 110+. Today I wanted to share with you my favorite card for a baby shower. It is a cute little onesie that I found about 8 years ago while surfing the WWW....I love that I can change it for a boy, girls, or if needed I can do it neutral. Its super east too! for the leg and neck cutouts I just use a circle punch, and then you angle the sides...and that's it.

Here birdie, birdie...

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Hello Everyone... Have you all been enjoying the summer? I know that we have. We spend most of our days poolside. But every once and awhile I get to sit at my desk and make something. Rewind to June 22nd. In my neighborhood a back yard buffet bash has been started. We have decided that the best part of going to a Jimmy Buffet concert is the tailgating. So why spend $60 a car to tailgate at the park, when we could do it in someones back yard. The hostess this year called me the night before asking for drink signs. She wanted something to put near the "Mom's Lemonade"(an awesome combo of gin, frozen lemonade concentrate, and 7up) and the water. I have had the giant clothes pins and the birds in my stash for a LONG TIME! I never knew what to use them for...til now. I have also saved the paper that is on the birds for about 5 years....again I didn't have the perfect project for it, so it sat in my stash waiting. I am very happy with how they turned out. They will be at every Buffet bash, but till the next one they are proudly holding photo's on my desk. Stay cool!! Kathy