Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fabric and the Slice??

So my sister is getting married in October, and all of the typical bridal festivities have begun. We have the bridal shower coming up, and then of course the bachelorette party. I offered to make my sister the "BRIDE" know the one that you wear to make sure that everyone in the joint knows that you're getting married and to buy you a drink. I went to Michaels looking for those pretty iron on bling letters(you know the ones that cost like 2.99 for one letter) and guess what??

They don't have them anymore....well atleast I couldn't find them
So I wandered around until I found one of Making Memories new Slice products..fusible web.
I just had to try it. At 5.00(on sale 40% off) it was worth trying. So I got it, now the next thing is what kind of fabric do I get? I went to JoAnn's and found fabric quarters and they were PERFECT...not too thick! I followed the directions when I got home and cut out all of the letters to make 5 shirts.

Yes I said 5. I was only going to make 1 for my sister, but with this being so cheap I was able to make the whole bridal party one. I used black shirts and a pink fabric. After I ironed on the letters I used silver puffy paint to outline the letters so they "pop" a little more. This was so easy to do that I am going to make Nicholas a onsie for his 4 month picture(pic to follow).

Check back Sunday, I want to show you the center pieces that my mom and I made for the Bridal shower. Thanks for reading!