Thursday, June 14, 2012

Memo station

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Not sure if I shared my wine cork cork board before, but just in case here it is with the super easy dry erase board that I made. The cork board was super easy to do. Before you i did not drink all that wine. As a matter of fact I am not much of a wine drinker at all. A family friend had one hanging in her kitchen and I just had to make one. I found the large frame at Hobby Lobby on sale for $5. I took it home sanded it and spray painted it white. When it was dry I had my husband nail a piece of cardboard to the back, as well as picture hangers. Then it was time for the task of gluing the corks to the board. I got the majority of my corks from Freecycle, and I got some from the local wine store, when they have wine tastings they save the corks. If you call and ask if they have any you can usually pick them up for free. It took me about 2 hrs of hot gluing everything down. I love how it came out! The dry erase board was a ton easier!. I got a frame from a garage sale for $1....can't beat that! Then I got it home and spray painted it white. I took some of that pretty grey fabric I got a JoAnns and taped it around the mat that came with the frame. I put the new "mat" in the frame, added the back and hung it up. That's it. And I now I have a cute little board where I write down my son's chores.