Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fabric Notebook Cover

Happy Sunday! I wanted to share this super cute notebook cover that I made.

 I am going to National Conference with Thirty-One in about 3 weeks. I will be taking classes on how to make my business stronger and I needed something to take notes on. So I did what anyone would do and I turned to Pinterest. I started searching and I found 4 ideas/tutorials that I liked. So I started messing around and I found a way to combine everything that I loved about each of them, and what I ended up with was the super cute notebook that you see above.

All you need is an ugly composition  notebook(mine measured 9 3/4 X 7 1/2)
Fabric of your choice
A sewing maching
a hair tie
a fabric button or button of your choice

All of the directions are in the tutorials/ pictures that I used. I am going to link back to the original blogs, I will give you a description of what part that I used.

V and Company : I used this as the main tutorial, but where she has the muslin rectangles I used more of my main fabric like in the next link
Momma go round: Just to be clear. I liked that the main fabric wrapped around to the inside of the notebook, In the above tutorial I liked that there were seams that made the pocket have an easy fold. That is why I did it this way.
Babes and Sages: I liked the ruffle that she added down the side of the notebook
Now I have never made a ruffle before so I used the next tutorial as a guideline to making a ruffle
Made by Lex: Near the middle of the Tutorial are the instructions to making a ruffel

Now the whole project took me maybe an hour or so. I can guarantee that for a advanced sewer this should only take maybe 20-30 min. But because I measure about 3 times and cut once, and sew slow it took me a bit longer. If you make one post your link in the comments I would love to see it!!


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