Saturday, July 7, 2012

Here birdie, birdie...

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Hello Everyone... Have you all been enjoying the summer? I know that we have. We spend most of our days poolside. But every once and awhile I get to sit at my desk and make something. Rewind to June 22nd. In my neighborhood a back yard buffet bash has been started. We have decided that the best part of going to a Jimmy Buffet concert is the tailgating. So why spend $60 a car to tailgate at the park, when we could do it in someones back yard. The hostess this year called me the night before asking for drink signs. She wanted something to put near the "Mom's Lemonade"(an awesome combo of gin, frozen lemonade concentrate, and 7up) and the water. I have had the giant clothes pins and the birds in my stash for a LONG TIME! I never knew what to use them for...til now. I have also saved the paper that is on the birds for about 5 years....again I didn't have the perfect project for it, so it sat in my stash waiting. I am very happy with how they turned out. They will be at every Buffet bash, but till the next one they are proudly holding photo's on my desk. Stay cool!! Kathy

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